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    Question Different Legendary Relic Names but Same Attributes - Is this Normal


    A friend got these Sealed Symbols, each containing a Legendary Relic. In the image below, you can see each Sealed Symbol has a different name but display the same attributes. Battle & Accuracy are the same, Tactics and Insight are the same.

    Is this normal or a bug? Because it looks like a bug.


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    It's not a bug.

    At one time there were four different types of mastery in the game and thus the four different relics, each with a different mastery. Turbine changed this and combined each of two types into one type leaving just two masteries.

    It was far easier to leave the four types of relic in the game simply changing them to show the new mastery; if they removed one type then those that had slotted that relic suddenly had it relic missing from their LI (removal is absolute).

    This led to the situation of having two crafted relics still available that share the same stats.

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    Melee and ranged damage were united to physical mastery.
    I forgot what were the predecessors of tactical mastery. Light and Fire?

    However, there is no need to have 4 symbols, 2 would have been enough. After all the stat change took place before these symbols went live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neumi View Post
    I forgot what were the predecessors of tactical mastery. Light and Fire?
    dmg and healing (note the little images on the different relics above).
    At that time there were the 'offenses', before the 'masteries' came.



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