[ERROR -30021]: The Product Key you entered is not valid for use. If you believe this is an error, please contact the business from whom you received the Product Key.

If you are receiving this error message during account creation process, your Product Key is either incorrect or has already been used. Please make sure that the Product Key is being entered correctly.

If you are receiving this message during account creation, you may have already used the product key to create your account. Try logging into the game or myaccount.turbine.com with the Username and Password that you selected during account creation.

Please note that Codemasters European LOTRO or DDO product keys are no longer valid for use. If your product key has any references to Codemasters, the product key cannot be used to either create or upgrade an account.

If this message continues to display, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the Product Key.

Seriously? The game i bought is useless then?? Any suggestion here?? I m in trouble!