In all of the discussions on these trait trees, I don't see anyone mentioning what they're really all about: one more thing to mindlessly grind to keep us on the treadmill and likely spend TPs until the next endlessly grindy idea they come up with.

We stared with:

- Grind levels.
- Grind traits.
- Grind deeds.
- Grind armour and jewelry.
- Grind crafting deeds/levels.
- Grind rank (for those interested in pvp).
- Grind reputation.

Since then they've added:

- Grind LIs (with too many sub-grinds to list).
- Grind skirmishes.
- Grind a Warsteed.
- Grind building a town.

Now they're adding:

- Grind trait trees.
- ???? Whatever's next.

Of course all of these grinds have shortcuts if you want to pay for them in the store and most of the past grinds are rendered mostly useless whenever the level cap is raised. My plan is to check out the new system on one character when HD comes out and if it looks too boring, or if I can't earn the trait lines just by leveling, I may just finally be able to kick what has become nothing more than a bad habit at this point.