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    DotN - Dúnedain of the North

    Website: Dúnedain of the North Home Page
    Facebook: Dúnedain of the North Facebook Page

    We are committed to creating an community atmosphere, where the union, group spirit and cohesion will be part of our kinship.
    The Lore of the Lord of the Rings will be present with Role-playing for create storys full of fantasy, magic, enthralling adventures with mythical beings, heroic deeds, the unity for the sake of a common cause.
    Still, we will focused on enjoy all game content. We have an organized website (kinshipdunedain.net), forum, blog, TS3 private server.
    With your PRECIOUS help, "Dúnedain of the North" kinship will be friendly and great.
    Tenna' ento lye omenta.

    Recruiting: Decision after questionnaire;
    Member Requirements: Member status as a result of register at kinship website and agree with kinship commandments and rules.
    Time Zone: Global (24H Kinship)

    Motto : En gwend o ertha - The bond of unity

    Rangers colour : Grey

    Oficial Kinship Cloak : The Rangers of the North usually wore grey or dark green cloaks with no identifying ornaments except a six-pointed cloak-clasp in the shape of a star, another identifying feature was that all of them wore a green longcoat

    Welcome to the Dúnedain of the North!

    We hope to make this page a great resource for our kinship members to interact and help each other.
    We encourage all members create some topics about the Dúnedain.
    You will find that our kinship is full of funny and wonderful people who are ready to have fun and share in the experience that LotRO is.

    And c'mon, don't be shy - go ahead and take a look around and get to know your kinnies.
    I think you'll find that everyone, are good persons that like play LotRO in community and are friendly and approachable.
    Dúnedain of the North is not a kinship of LotRO-elitists who seem to think that you're worthless as a person if you don't have a lvl cap character decked out in full endgame gear (it is pretty, though, isn't it…).

    Anyway…Nah, that's not us at all.
    Instead, we're looking for something different - a carefree and humorous group to belong to.
    To put it another way, we're friends. You might even come to think of us as family.
    Don't worry, though, we're not going to force you into itchy, uncomfortable clothes and force you to go to church
    Waitaminute, where was I? Oh, yeah…

    Don't get me wrong, though, we'd love to, and probably will, introduce you to at least a few Mordor inhabitants of the LotRO.
    But don't be scared, we're also likely to be quite happy if you stick them with pointy bits of metal, bludgeon them, and/or rend their souls with darkness from beyond the Mount Doom!
    We'll probably even join in on the fun! We're an adventuring kinship - it's what we do.

    But, as should be expected of adventuring kinships, we're diverse.
    Many kinnies are from that big, mysterious planet Earth .
    We're a modern and worldly group, we are - world travellers of both Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.
    So, what the heck is a curry? How's that health care in Norway?
    Does the sun really shine for a month straight in Alaska?
    Ask the right kinnie and you can get answers to all these questions and a thousand more, probably at least one hundred, maybe even ten!

    So stick around and you might learn something…but don't worry, we'll do all we can to prevent you get bored!

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