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    Quote Originally Posted by morrowbreeze View Post
    And not to forget the Mines of Moria, there are some hauntingly beautiful locations deep within its caverns.
    Agreed. Going into Waterworks with all graphics on max - after some tall and narrow corridors you suddenly get a vast view with mists rising around the huge wheels turning. Same feeling stepping down the stairs toward the Lorien end, a sudden drop and an ornamented ceiling stretching away forever.

    Thorin's Hall reputation-restricted area has a nice feel to it.

    The first quest hub inside Great River is quite lovely.

    after Trollshaws you will have more or less outlvld most of Evendim (sadly, it's a lovely place).
    I suggest doing every bit of epic you may have left if any and head off to Angmar (start questlvl 40, can take them 5 lvls earlier)
    After Angmar it's Eregion (start level 48, can take them 5 lvls earlier)
    -poke people about info on where to go for your Legendary Items around lvl 45-48
    will make a smooth transition into Moria with start quests level 51 at Treshold I think, as always can take any quest 5 lvls ahead but they begin to be tougher here and if you finished Eregion, you will be perhaps 52 53
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    Quote Originally Posted by wesmont View Post
    Hi all,

    I've just started playing the game for 2 months now, i have a lvl 33 champion at the moment, i am at Brandywine server, at a very helpful and mature kin
    and just yesterday i've entered Trollshaws for the first time.

    What can i say, this game is absolutely awesome, i very much enjoy everything about it,
    the combat system, the epic story, crafting, outfits. So i am a VIP now, i've purchased all expansions so far and waiting for HD.

    The Trollshaws seems like a very beutiful zone to lvl up in,
    which is your favorite zone and where should i lvl up after Trollshaws?

    Thnaks in advance
    Welcome to the game...

    You wanna see something breathtaking, once your at level 60 & have access to Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien. My advice is the first time you visit this place, do it at night. IMO this place is the most pretty of the game. I would so love having housing there.

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    Evendim and Lothlorien..... Nothing else comes close for me... I just love annuminas and the whole atmosphere there...

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    Thank you all for your replies,

    as i am playing the game more and travelling to various areas and zones i have to say that each and every one of these areas are awesome, i cannot really say which one is prettier.
    You're right about Trollshaws, i cannot lvl up to 40 there, so i'll go back to evendim and move on from there.
    Happy gaming to all of you

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    Wow, this is a great thread. Makes me wanna go explore all over again.

    To me, the most beautiful regions / places in LOTRO are:

    Eastern Eregion (those Holly Trees and the rocks that seem left behind by an ancient glacier)

    Moria (I love going into Moria, always!)

    Forochel (look to the skies on a clear night)

    Harwick and its surrounding area in Eastern Rohan (love the rugged and sparse openness of the area, and the town is my favourite settlement in the game).

    You've got several levelling options after The Trollshaws. Eregion is logical as it's next door and gets you started on the epic quest that leads into Moria and legenday items. But I personally find it hard to skip Angmar and Forochel as well! After Moria you're looking at Lorien, Mirkwood, and Enedwaith before heading off into the Gap of Rohan and Isengard. Then it's on to the Great River / Eastern Rohan!

    I may sound all over the place, but that's because I am once I've levelled up. I am forever hopping back to different regions to finish tasks, deeds, and gather craftiing materials. But perhaps most importantly, just to take in all the sights I may have missed the first time around.

    Thanks for starting this thread and I hope you keep enjoying the game as much as you seem to be now. The story and the sights only get better!

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    The scenery is definitely one of my top favorite parts of this game.

    The Shire is still my all-time favorite area, old time Tolkien geek that I am I just love being able to run around the Shire and visit Bag End.

    My newest favorite is Rohan - lovely wide open spaces and vistas. Just visited Fangorn for the first time recently and found it very well done - quite "tree-ish." :-) And so many other book landmarks to be seen, like the Argonath. The view from Amon Hen is worth the climb and the orcs.

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    On the high road,..up there
    Harwick. A welcome sight after a long days ride.

    Snowbourne in the distance.

    Balewood looks invitiing at first glance...

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    To be honest, I love every zone in Lotro. But my favorites are The Shire, Bree Land, Evendim, and Rohan.

    The Shire and Bree Land still look good even to this day despite them being Vanilla SOA regions. I have a high end graphics card on a pretty up to date computer, so I get to see these regions at their full potential. Also in Rohan, I love seeing Fangorn, the Agronath, Amon Hen, and the open grasslands there. I can't wait to see how Turbine has designed West Rohan.

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    The Shire - Because it's iconic and because it's The Shire. For a lore maven like myself, entering The Shire, seeing it appear close to how I've imagined it, and realizing that it matched the books so closely that I knew how to get anywhere without consulting a map, that was a beautiful experience.

    Rivendell - The first time you cross over Cirith Imladris, especially after a harrowing run up from the Fords of Bruinen, when the landscape music swells, your hope level shoots up, and the entire valley appears before you, is the most beautiful sight in LOTRO. I take new alts on that run just for the effect.

    Moria - Go in. Big entry hall, just like Thorins gate. Bizarre twisty passages leading to Dolven view, then, what a view!
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrowbreeze View Post
    Harwick. A welcome sight after a long days ride.

    Snowbourne in the distance.

    Balewood looks invitiing at first glance...

    very nice shoots, that's why i am saying that this game is awesome


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