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    Plankster: Who what where and why.

    So my children of the moors, there has been much speculation to who i am, where i come from and what gender i am.

    This thread is to put an end to speculation because i am indeed the god of the moors. I come from the lands where the grass is greener and the lights are brighter.
    You don't believe me, people guess my 'main' when no such thing exists.

    I am indeed who i say i am. I am the turn of the tide for all creeps of Middle Earth.

    This video marks the time where i changed, not only in sight but deep inside. I am a new man, a special kind of hope bringer and death dealer.

    Yes, i am the plank master. Plankster son of planker son of flanker.

    Do not fear me as i do not fear you. I have come to welcome all personalities into my fold, even those who oppose me, disrespect me and repeatedly tell me "Welcome to ignore "£$"$£$"

    The Fancy Lads have arrived, no longer shall creeps doubt their abilities, we bring guns, the ladies and good times so lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, lock up your back door and run for your lives.

    Any questions? No, well i have one. Why are there so many 'Gratz' posts on this? This forum looks terrible! Shape up maggots, i do not operate in such filth.

    Kind Regards,

    The Plank Master
    Plankster son of Planker son of Flanker

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    You sure you have what it takes to be a nimrod?

    lol not sure if your claims of changing creepside are serious or not but hey bring it man All im gonna say is a lot have come and gone and many have tried before you with more numbers. This server does need more creeps and I need more targets so welcome to our bipolar server.

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    why do you have so many redundant pots on your quickbars?

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    Not redundant my love. We can only do what we wish with them in the time that is given to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Planker View Post
    Not redundant my love. We can only do what we wish with them in the time that is given to us.
    sounds redundant.

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    You may see me as whom you wish my children but in the end i shall rise and rule. Where my new name came from i do not know but i shall receive it like a gift from my newly beloved friends!

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    [center][color=red]Now roaming the earth searching for a fun, interesting game.......again.[/color][/center]


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladgilrian View Post
    It sounds just like him.

    More at peace though.



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