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    An Expedient way to quest from Mirkwood to right before Rohan? pre-purchase HD?


    So I'm a level 59 warden, and despite having bought Riders of Rohan as a prepurchase, I've barely scratched Mirkwood.

    Is there a recommended zone leveling guide or advice to speed up my leveling so I can experience Rohan content? I obviously don't want to skip story quests, but I don't mind skimping on non-essential quests if I can zip through stuff a bit faster and see Rohan.

    I'm intrigued by what I remember about me basically bringing back a town to life.

    On that note... is there any point in me prepurchasing Helm's Deep? I can afford the 60 dollar one, but I don't really know how much of it is useful for me at this point in time. Thoughts?

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    I'd recommend taking the Book 2 Epic as far as you can, and then also start the Book 3 Epic (in Rivendell). The Book 3 Epic will take you into Enedwaith where the quests will streamline you from 60-65 relatively quickly. It's also a more enjoyable zone than Mirkwood. You may have to go back and forth a bit b/w Mirkwood and Enedwaith depending on quest difficulty, but that would be best. However, this does depend on what quest packs you own if you are F2P versus VIP with Mirkwood expansion.

    Once you get close to 65, you can keep going with the Epic story through Isengard - consider buying the ROI quest pack if you don't have the full expansion.

    As for pre-ordering HD, I think you should wait until you you get through Riders of Rohan first. Yes, HD has upscaling so you can do the Big Battles, but until we learn what the effectiveness of upscaled characters is, whether or not you will gain EXP while being upscaled, and some other details, you may be best hoarding your money.
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    I'd completely skip Mirkwood (this is my personal preference and what I do, not sure if it's actually better) and go straight into Enedwaith. Stay there until around 65 or 66, then head into Dunland. Do all the quests around there (Dunland, Isengard, Gap of Rohan) until you reach about 75. After that go grab your war-steed and get into Rohan.

    It shouldn't take very long at all.

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    Just gonna chime in for Mirkwood and say I really like the zone, moreso than Enedwaith. Guess I just love all the doom and gloom.

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    i agree with andy, i love mirkwood too, even though enedwaith looks prettier i love the questflow of mirkwood and the atmosphere...
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    Ideally you'll want to use Mirkwood or Enedwaith (whichever is cheapest, whichever you like best, etc) to get up to around lvl 64. Lothlorien can also get you a few levels. If you don't own all or any of these three and left some quests back in Moria, I'd suggest going back and finishing that place first (don't forget about the Foundations of Stone, which is treated as an optional part of Moria, but still has quite a number of quests to help level). If you are high enough to do Enedwaith or Mirkwood (ie: starter quests being roughly orange or easier for you) then head right into one of those two zones and do all the quests. Complete the area or at least get up to lvl 64-65 and then head over to Dunland.

    Don't forget about your epic quests. It may require a lot of backtracking (all over Volume II covers Moria, Lorien and Mirkwood), especially the start of Volume III (which sends you all over Eriador as well). Work your way through Dunland. You can use your epic as a guide for where to go. When you first start Dunland your epic will give you a choice of which zone to go to: Trum Dreng or the Bonevales. It doesn't matter which you choose, but keep in mind that you can technically do both of them, regardless of what you choose for the epic quest.

    You may or may not finish Dunland before hitting level 75. If you hit 75 and still have parts left, it's your choice whether to finish Dunland or move directly on to Rohan. For Rohan, I'd suggest following the epic quest line to guide you towards getting your warsteed. You'll start out in the East Wall. You can complete all regular quests here as well as the epics. When you finish the East Wall, your epics will send you out to the Wold to Langhold, where you will do some more quests and finally (eventually) reach Harwick where you obtain your warsteed. From there on, it is the rest of the Wold, then the Norcrofts, Entwash Vale, Eaves of Fangorn, and finally the Sutcrofts.
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