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    Empty Server?.....

    It has been a bit over two years since I have played on the regular I have several characters. Currently my highest is a lvl 58 hunter elf. When I started Erid Luin was swimming with characters. You couldnt walk or enter anywhere without seeing somone else not matter what day of the week it was or what time. Now I find whole sections of the map empty at all times. I am wondering if I shoulod transfer to another sever.... or am I just logging in at the wrong time?

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    It is likely that when you joined the server was still fairly new and was the 'recommended' option for new accounts. As time has progressed the average level of a character has slowly increased as the server has aged. Also, content is more spread out than it was two years ago. Yes, Ered Luin is no longer crawling with players but with a bigger and bigger map players will be more spread.

    Currently the major population centre is Snowbourn/Forlaw, and I am sure when you get to the level cap you will have no problems finding other players. Hope this helped!

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    There are people everywhere, just in lower numbers for Eriador. Thorin's Hall, Bree, 21st Hall and Rivendell still have a decent amount of players for the lower level places on the map. Most people are focused with getting chars to cap or running cap content at the moment so leveling players are fewer than they were a few months ago.

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    You will have difficulty finding fellow players who are doing quests in the same area you are, but you may find that the majority of the population socializes and organizes groups in the GLFF channel, or you could join a kinship with players willing to keep you company along the way. The server is by no means empty, especially with the Helms Deep release not too far off. A lot of new and old faces, as well as an influx of alts have shown up recently to prepare for new content and a new level cap.

    Shumzuda made a very good point, the world of Middle Earth has grown significantly over the past few years. Players are more spread out. Being on your own isn't all that bad, and if you ever need help there's always someone out there willing to lend a hand.

    /joinchannel GLFF

    If you would like to each out to other players that way.

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    I really appreciate all the feedbakc I spoke with somone from a kin who kinda helped explain and I think that was something that occured. My highest lvl character is close to lvl 59 i just hope thyere are other chracters willing to aid. As I would do in return with quests . thanks for all the feedbakc

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    If you ever want to run some Moria instances, join glff chat channel and ask there. I'll join.

    Again, to join it you type /joinchannel glff
    to leave that channel, type /leavechannel glff
    and to type in glff, type /1



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