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    $50,000 Raised during Extra life 2013 - Help kids, Get stuff!

    We're back! And I'm once again asking all of you to help raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital.
    BCH treats 1,400 children per DAY and over 500,000 per year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer and cystic fibrosis. We can help!

    Last year we raised $18,473.71. Your support was awe inspiring. We set the bar and raised more money than anyone. This year, let's raise the bar I can't do this without your help, but together we can do amazing things.

    Here's the link to the donation page where you'll find all of the details: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?...cipantID=45752


    If you are planning on participating in Extra life as well, why not join Team Turbine? We've already got 22 team members and we're looking for more. Last year we finished in the top 2 teams for total amount raised!

    Of course, as with last year there are opportunities for you guys to make me do something embarrassing. Three of them actually...

    if we raise the totals listed here, I'll do the 'reward' listed next to it.

    • $22,500 - Dye my Beard Rivendell Green (or as close as I can get). Tweet Photo Proof.
    • $25,000 - Bonus Goal - Add Hot Pink stripes to the beard. Tweet Photo Proof.
    • $27,500 - Video of myself and LOTRO Producer Hannah Foell rapping. Most likely Christmas in Hollis by RUN/DMC likely reworked into 'Christmas with Hobbits'

    All donors who have donate at least $5 during Extra Life 2013 will receive a thank you letter from me at the end of the event with codes for all of the following:

    • Exclusive in game title - Hero of the Small Folk - New for 2013!
    • In Game Title: The Sociable
    • Perlino Steed (Account Wide)
    • Cremello Steed (Account Wide)

    Plus there are incentives listed on my fundraising page that spell out additional things you could win/earn as we get closer to our overall goals. A long as the donations keep coming, I'll keep finding things to add to the incentives as we go.

    And yes, there is a Lifetime Account that will be given to a random donor once we hit $20,000!

    Getting your stuff: YOU MUST LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ME WHEN YOU DONATE. Extra Life will make sure I see it. Since ALL codes and other communication requires me to send you an email, if you leave this out I cannot find you. So please remember to include your email with your donation. There's a space for it in the forum when you submit it.

    "Winning": This is me. Me personally. Not Turbine, WB, or any other company doing this. They make it possible and permit me to do so, I am ultimately responsible for moving the mountains to get this stuff out. No matter where you live, as long as you meet the minimum $5 donation and any other requirements for any of the incentives I'll figure out how to get you your items if you win something physical like a banner or whatever. These aren't prizes, they're thank yous. So I'll sort out how to get them to you with the least trouble possible. Just please know your country may throw a tax or import duty on it if it's a physical item.

    As a final note, let's please try to remember the whole point here and that's to help sick kids and make the world a little bit better place. The real 'winners' here are the kids.

    Kinship Goal STATUS
    The Kinship with the largest total donation in the name of their Kin (The donor name must be in the name of the kinship or the kinship must be named in the donation note) will have a lottery named after their kinship.

    Standings as of 12/2/2013 (Top 3 - everyone else is under $1k)

    1. The Inklings of Meneldor $1,726.00
    2. Defenders of the Lost Light of Brandywine $1,500.00
    3. Knights of Valour of Vilya have donated $1,325.00

    Largest Single Donation by an Individual
    STATUS (Gets a box of stufff LTORO/Turbine/Gaming/Boston related stuff):


    The box of STUFF! LOTRO Stuff, Boston Stuff, and whatever I can lay may hands on. But you gotta donate BIG. Plus, you get a lottery named after your character. Largest Donation by 11:59PM (Eastern time) December 2, 2013.

    Currently: Rohan Banner, Ring Banner, Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 7 Keyboard ($300!)

    Special Thank you to the following sites for donating.
    • Killtenrats.com
    • CSTM
    • Tales of Arda (And a double awesome shout out to them for raising over $500 for BCH as part of Team Turbine!)

    Some final notes:

    I had to add the minimum donation to qualify for any incentives because last year some folks donated pennies. Literally. There were 1 cent donations. Not cool.

    That said, you guys came through in truly epic fashion last year and together we raised over $18,000 for Extra Life and Boston Children's Hospital in 2012. That was good for the #1 spot over all and Team Turbine was in the Top 4!

    So this year you can see I've set the goal higher. We can hit it. I know this because all year people have been stepping up and making both small and large contributions and we're already half way there. It's not that far to go considering the good it does.

    To everyone who has already donated, "thank you" doesn't seem like enough.

    To those who haven't' yet, your donation might be the one that makes the difference in a child's life. That's a pretty awesome thing when you think about it. If that's not incentive enough, it's also possible that your dollar will be the one that puts us over the top and forces me to do some of the potentially embarrassing things I've agreed to.

    Because we ran out of room on my official Extra life page, I'm moving all our completed goals here to keep track. This frees up space on the page for NEW GOALS!

    Completed Goals:
    $250 PAX East 2013.
    $125 - Orlando, FL Meet up
    $650 by May 1
    $150 - Buffalo, NYC meet up.
    $1.6k - Reveal EXCLUSIVE IN GAME TITLE for Extra Life 2013
    $2K - All donors recieve "The Sociable" (in game in and forums title)
    $2,750 - 3 Ring Banners. (See below for image).
    $3.5k - 5 donors get 1000 Turbine Points.
    $4.5k - Increase to 10 winners, 1000 points each.
    $5K -25 HD Beta keys given at random to donors
    $5.5k - 25 Keys! + Perlino Steed codes to ALL
    $6K - 25 Beta Keys!
    $6.5k - 25 Beta Keys! + Cremello Steed to ALL
    $6,750 - Hero of the small folk Title for ALL Donors
    $7K - Live Stream 2 hours creepside in the moors (Crickhollow)
    $7.5k - 50 HD Beta Codes
    $8K - 5 HD Premium Codes + Beta Key
    $8.5k - 5 HD Premium Codes + Beta Key
    $9K - 50 HD Beta Keys
    $10K - 1 donor Wins a Lifetime
    $10.5k - 25 Helm's Deep beta Keys
    $11K -25 HD beta Keys.
    $11.5k - Five more 1,000 Point winners (Total 15 winners)
    $12K - 50 HD Beta Keys
    $12.5k - Five more 1,000 Point winners (Total 20 winners)
    $13.5k - 5 Helm's Deep Premium Edition Keys.
    $14K - 15 HD Beta Keys
    $15K - 5 One Ring Banners
    $16k - 5 Cloth Mines of Moria Maps
    $16.5k - Lunch for 1 donor and a guest at Legal Harborside (Floor 1). You have to get to Boston.
    $17k - 3 Riders of Rohan CDs
    $17.5k - 3 More Rohan CDs
    $20k - Random donor wins a Lifetime (Drawn when total hit!)
    $22.5k - Dye my Beard Rivendell Green (or as close as I can get). Tweet Photo.
    $25k - Add Hot Pink stripes to the beard. Tweet Photo.
    $27.5k - BONUS - Rap Video with Hannah Foell, Celestrata and RockX
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