Hey All,

Me and a friend of mine have been on the lookout for a kinship for quite some time now (one that fits our constraints ) but had not have success so far.. so any consideration would be appreciated.

About Us:
Both of us are premium players with 1 main and 4 alts. The mains are in their 50s (almost 60) and so a lot of group content is opening up to us like fellowship quests in instance areas etc. Apart from that we are always looking for group play since that gives this game its true feel

Character name:
My main: Artymas, 58 Warden
His main: Endrieth, 59 Minstrel

Elendilmir (the only server we play on)

Mostly Solo at the moment (or duo)
Highly interested in group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, anything suited for our level.

Location and timing:
We play from asia region (GMT +4~5) and the reason for picking oceanic server was that hopefully we would be finding more people there concurrent to our login times.
We are both on jobs so our normal playtime is after work (evening to night time) and on weekends (if there is no other engagement).

Why kinships should be interested in us:
Friendly players willing to help other out. Actively take part in group plays.
Also can help in crafting items/recipes (Woodworker/Tailor/Jeweler/Scholar)

What kind of kinship you are looking for:
An active one.. with focus on group plays specially at low levels (by low level i mean any level below 80!)
We are casual players who want to enjoy the game at its own pace and don't want to rush to cap just to get the end game content.
So any kin which is group play focused on instances/skirms/questing etc and most importantly active at the time we are around and does group play a lot!
That would be ideal for us

Contact us ingame via mail or send tell if you see any of us online.

Thanks for reading the text wall