Without a doubt Lotro is everything I've always wished the various mmo's to be and were often very close to being but always fell short. I've played my fair share of Mmo's over the years from six years of warcraft to Eve to Fiesta and even the sims online. All were great in their own way but seemed to lack a certain player community satisfaction.

I've only been playing Lotro a couple of months and was pretty wary of yet another mmo turning into another ultimately another disappointment and waste of time. I was determined to only pay for each expansion and monthly VIP sub if I felt the content before had justified the next purchase. I'm pleased to say I've now played every expansion all the way to Riders of Rohan and am eagerly awaiting Helms Deep. I can't recall playing a game with such attention to detail from character animations through to player housing with such a seamless epic story thread running strongly through the entire game making the player feel involved in the world.

Lotro is a game that makes sense on every level and ties together very well. I've enjoyed playing Lotro rather than just playing to get to the end as quickly as possible. I particularly enjoy the crafting system and the deeds idea, which gives me the opportunity to explore area's of the game I missed when lvling through. Grinding some of the deeds can get a bit tiresome but I personally enjoy grinding more than most probably do and I at least know that every player with the deed traits ground the same path to get their stripes as I am, instead of next months update suddenly giving away what I've just spent a month playing to get away for free as other mmo's do.

The only real problems in Lotro I've found so far are way too many items, particularly the task items, that do generally the same thing. I can't see how reducing the number of items so that one item takes the place of several would hurt the game. It's not so much a bag space problem as I get tired of constant sorting through hundreds of items. Also the trait system seems a little weak and limited so I'm looking forward to the skill tree change in Helms Deep.

So far I've leveled a captain to 85 and I'd say I've only experience 50% of the content so Lotro is more than large enough for me as a game world. The irony is there's absolutely nothing new about Lotro. Every idea has been done a hundred times in other mmo's yet Lotro stands head and shoulders above the rest for me which really showed just important the detail in executing an idea in mmo's is.