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    Thumbs up SWAT™ is recruiting!

    SWAT™ is a fun, family-like kinship that has members which are online everyday! We are recruiting players that have the ability to maintain online time, who are sociable, and willing to help others in our family. We are a kinship founded by founders of LOTRO™. We have a Kinship Website, Ranking Systems and a Kinship Lottery! And unlike most other kinships everyone knows each other, talks, and plays together! We have events, raids, skirms every week, meetings, and party's.
    For more info and/or to contact someone > CLICK HERE <

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    Re: SWAT™ is recruiting!

    oh pick me pick me!!

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    Returning player.

    I am a Returning player to LoTRO. I will be looking for a Kin and great people to play with and relearn from. Any level or class welcome ?

    Thanks in advance for any info

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    Bumping this.

    We are taking all levels and classes to prepare for Helm's Deep.

    We do all the cool stuff. And we have an awesome Facebook group. Send in game mail to Camgilnel for recruitment info.

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    I wanna join, can you use a 68 cappy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_the_awesome View Post
    I wanna join, can you use a 68 cappy.

    Yes, just send ingame mail to Camgilnel and/or Forestfox

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    I have seen a few of you ingame and you actualy seem active..... But I just can't at this time join a kinship called SWAT . Especially in a lord of the game. Let's see how desperate I get but the fantasy purist in me just won't let me.

    You are properly all really cool peoples so peace.



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