Remnant, a friendly, organized kinship, just had it's 5th anniversary. To celebrate in style, we invite everyone on Landroval to help us celebrate this "properly" during the weekend of 19-20 October!

On Saturday the 19th we are organising a Fête at our kin house, this means, food, knits (armour), drinks, pipeweed and music. The party starts around 2 pm EST (20:00 CET), with the new band, The Keepers of the Light, visiting from Belegaer server, for a concert which will start at 3pm (21:00 CET). Anyone interested in some fun, RP, dance, music and in-game food / drink drop by at 8 Long Street, Farcombe, Bree homesteads, from 2pm EST onwards.

On Sunday the 20th we are organising a chicken run starting also at 2 pm EST (20:00 CET), anyone wanting to join us gather up at Sanderson's farm in the Shire at that time.

We have some kin-only events as well scheduled for that weekend, including the Remnant Cavalry (warband run), a creep night etc.

REMNANT, a friendly, organized kinship, is looking for sociable players to join our ranks. Instances, quests and raids are scheduled weekly. If you’re looking for a great group of people to spend your time with, please visit