So I'm just throwing this idea out there, and I'm not sure if it's been suggested before or not. More than likely it has but I think it's something worth mentioning again. Most free people classes are granted with in-combat potions/enamels that can drastically affect combat. These items such as; hunters focus potions, Champs fury potions, RK enamels, and so on, can be brought into the moors using gold rather than commendations. Most creep side potions are only available out of combat, such as Fury pots, must be used prior to combat and the effect only lasts for a short time during combat. The remaining potions have analogs to freep stat-food. This leaves creeps without in-combat potions to rival those of their free people counterpart. What I'm suggesting is a direct analog to those in-combat potions. This could be done individual to each class or a simpler version that could be specific to roles rather than each class (as to not pigeon hole each class).

For example a potion for DPS oriented creeps.

+10% Melee/Range Damage
+20% Dev Magnitude
Duration: 30 seconds
Cooldown: 3 minutes

For a healing oriented creep class:

+20% Outgoing heal modifier
+20% Tactical/ Physical Mitigations
Duration: 30 Seconds
Cooldown: 3 minutes

Or a support oriented class

+30% CC duration
+30% Incoming Healing
Duration: 30 seconds
Cooldown: 3 minutes

Of course the values can be up for discussion but the durations were taken directly from Hunter and Champion potions. They would have a shared cooldown so someone couldn't pop them all at the same time or in succession. The values could increase with rank and be available starting at rank 6, then rank 9, and then rank 12. Although if it was just a single value pot (same percentage for all ranks) and be available at Rank 8. Of course all of this could be discussed, changed or modified.. I was just throwing the general idea out there and seeing what people thought.

Using these pots of course would be strategic in a raid v raid situation or even solo, and since creeps can't craft they would probably cost commendations. You probably wouldn't find yourself popping one in every single fight, but for some more established creeps it would be possible to do so.