It has come to my attention recently that MeM hugs keeps, and one of our members is a cheater(farms) They are both untrue unless the group I was leading was full of greenies with some with no audacity or armor so yes I'm going to protect them. And just because I'm in a group does not mean I'm leading. The rumor of the person farming and his supposed banishment from the game are both untrue. He was playing against his brother in the moors and someone saw it and thought he was farming and he has not been on much because he has a new job. I am really getting tired of all this, I want to go to the moors and have fun but if you people and you all know who you are, that are making it difficult. It seems that I am also responsible for itty deleting his reaver not sure how, maybe I have magical powers and hypnotized him and made him delete it, sorry itty. And as for zerging, its not going away on crick its been like this and we all hate it, if you don't like it move to another server, I heard that they have really great fights on brandy and others, all I know is you do not want o be solo on brandy you will last about 10 secs, I know I've tried it, lol. Lets try and have fun, punishing kins for rumors is getting awfully low. I'm leading MeM the best I can. I'm not the best player in the moors or best leader but to get upset over what I just heard today is really stupid. I AM NOT LEAVING THIS GAME OR SERVER. I am trying to have fun. ITS A GAME.