Lotro Artists
is a fan developed website that allows the sharing
and reporting of creative activities related to Lotro.
This includes music, art, theatre, fashion and roleplay storytelling.

In addition to these reports we also have an event calendar which
gives you a great overview on what is happening throughout the
month on all servers.

We also created the Lotro Artists Podcast which brings you more
interviews, insights and background information about people and
their events and art.

The mission of Lotro Artists is to strengthen the artistic community
of Lotro players by providing a place where you can showcase your
art and tell us your story - or as somebody who is interested in our
topics - come and visit and see creative people and their creations.

We invite you to visit us at http://lotroartists.com and have a look
around. We hope you will like our content and enjoy to see us grow
and develop over time.

Lotro Artists is brought to you by a team of very dedicated people:

Bluebonnett Merrydo – a member of the (in)famous Bards, Beers
and Longbeards (BBB) and roleplays it so well, it is hard to think of
any other persona than that immortalised in this video.

Lilikate Buggins – a resident writer on LotroPlayers and author of
many wonderful stories about the wildlife in the Shire.

Fionnuala Alphroval – well known by many for her wonderful
classical projects like the transcription of Orff’s Carmina Burana
and many others. She runs the blog LOTRO music.

Keli Shieldmaiden – through his alt Geoffroi, runs The Andune
Ensemble. Prolific transcriber and lyric writer.

Floradine Strongfoot – Weatherstock Stage Manager and leader
of the production team of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship real
music projects. Seems to know everyone!

What brings us together is the joy of artistic creation. And an
admiration of the incredible creativity many members of the Lotro
fanbase bring to our lives every day, regardless of the discipline.

Our website is about these people who we admire so much.

We only just have started on October 1st. Now come all and visit us!
...and see us grow over time



Lotro Artists has no connection to Turbine or Warner Brothers nor
has it any official status.

There will be no discussion of any other aspect of The Lord Of The Rings Online
other than what we deem to be the creative arts.


Crossposting on server forums with kind permission by Sapience.