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    Cosmetic sets - can be only worn complete or in pieces also?

    After a break of several years I've started to play again, and my newly created huntress lately discovered the wonders of Laila's market.

    Now - there are quite a few nice outfits there, but most of them have cloaks, some of them hooded. But my girl doesn't wear cloaks, would be really unhandy in the forest; only thing on her back is her quiver. So - if I buy one of those complete sets, do I always have to wear it complete or can I just switch the cloaks with my quiver in the cosmetic slot?
    ~ Huntress reincarnated ~

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    When you purchase a set you receive a box with the individual pieces in it, so you can mix and match to your hearts' delight.
    The pieces are bound to account so you can share them with your alts.
    Some featured sets at Lalia's have been assembled by Cosmetic Lotro. You can find them displayed on the blog: http://cosmeticlotro.wordpress.com/
    The current mannequin sets with Halloween costumes have been designed by The Starry Mantle: http://starrymantle.wordpress.com/

    Have fun!

    a blog about Middle-earth outfits

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    Thank you, that helps a lot
    ~ Huntress reincarnated ~



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