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    Moors starting Creep guide I threw together for a friend

    I had a friend patching the game yesterday to try out creepside so I ended up spending 30 min or so last night throwing together a to-do list for him once he got in-game. I figured I'd share it as I didn't see any similar guides when briefly searching last night for him.

    He has a standard laptop so all recommendations as far as performance and graphics were to keep him playable with RvR fights.
    I'm no computer expert, I just wrote down what works best for my dinosaur of a laptop I use when out of town.

    Hope it helps and feel free to comment with any addendums you want to add. The guide was meant to be used while looking at the options screen. If not you will most likely be lost.


    once you log in to your character...


    Read how-to and install Moormap and Pvmp+ from the lotro compendium. Learn how to load/unload. (it requires folder creation and such in you C: drive.

    Go to options< UI settings. (leave defaults as they are unless told differently)
    If you don't find something in UI Settings, it'll be in combat options. check both.

    Toggle on:
    Selection Indicator
    Chat Bubbles
    Show Connection Status
    Always Loot All
    Adjust UI settings size sliders as desired (once you max out resolution under graphics)
    Enable Skill Target Forwarding
    Show The Vitals Of Your Selections Target
    Directional Selection Indicator
    Show Assist Window (important)

    Toggle off:
    All Special Effects options (Combat hit effects, avatar hit effects,ect.)
    Play Optional Combat Animations
    Allow Combat Animation Blending
    Enable Movement Assistance In Combat

    Settings<Social Options (Important for performance)

    Only Show Dispellable Effects
    Only Show Effects Cast By You


    Profanity Filter. (it beeps out the stupidest words. and it helps give you an idea of what people are cursing about lol)

    Settings Quickslots:

    These you just need to play around with. your bottom bar you start out with is unmovable. it's size is adjustable. but you have 5 other skills bars that are 12 blocks long for maps and skills that you can adjust by unlocking under the Settings and then CTRL+/ in game. that is how you adjust your UI in game. then just hit CTRL+/ again to make it go away.


    Graphics Hardware Level should be DX9 (not for everyone, ymmv)
    Full-Screen/Windowed Resolution should be maxed out.
    Anti-Aliasing should be 2x or off.
    Adjust Colour sliders to your preference.

    Settings<Advance Graphics:

    Object Draw Distance should be High/Ultra High
    Model Detail should be Medium
    Material Detail should be Low
    uncheck Distant Imposters
    Landscape Draw Distance should be Medium
    Frill Distance should be Medium
    Atmospherics Details should be Low
    DX11 Interactive Water should be Disabled
    Texture Detail should be Low
    Texture Filtering should be Bi or Trilinear
    uncheck High Quality Lighting and Specular Lighting
    Surface Reflections should be Disabled or Low
    Landscape Lighting Quality should be Low or High
    DX10 Distance Landscape lighting should be unchecked
    Landscape shadows should be Disabled
    uncheck Blob Shadows
    Stencil Shadows Disabled
    Environment Stencil Shadows unchecked
    DX11 Ambient occlusion unchecked
    uncheck all Post-Processing
    Player Mesh Combining and 3D Object Portraits (this one is optional)
    Max out Texture Cache Size

    CHECK: Voice Enabled
    adjust settings to preference.


    - complete intro quests and accept all quests available in Gramsfoot.
    - read each skill you have and arrange skills to your liking on the bar/quickslots
    - go to Dar-Gazag and accept all those quests.
    - kill 10 slugs.
    - kill 15 morningthaw bears.
    - Do the scouting dailies you previously picked up. (scout Tirith Rhaw, Grimwood Lumber Camp, and the Isendeep, Poison the Hoarwell.
    - Say Hello to everyone on /OOC. Feel free to ask any questions.
    - go to your class trainer and read up/familiarize yourself with traits and skills and how to advance them and modify it.

    WholesomeBurrito - Defiler. Killamanjaro - Warleader. Hagges - 85 RK (retired)
    Plethora of noncapped alts and other monster characters

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