Please join us for the Second Annual Harvest Party out at Pierson's Farm on Saturday, October 26th starting at 9pm (server time); Landroval server.

If you were there last year, you know there were strange occurrences. The ghost of Mrs. Pierson was laid to rest, but there are residual issues in the apple orchard. Come hear the tale of last year's woes and help us discover what plagues poor Farmer Pierson's apples!

There will be:
Music by Animal House!
Dancing, freestyle and pattern dancing
Games & Races
Contests: Best Costume and Best Scary Story

Our BIG Contest of the Night
Best "Hobbit Sized" Scary Story!!
Start working on your story now. Here are the rules:
• Must be original!
• Must be 3 minutes or less. (Hobbit sized)
• Must be scary... or have a scary theme though that could be tongue in cheek and involve humor (spoof) instead of fear.
• Must be.... FUN!
The crowd will vote for their favorites.

First - 50 Gold
Second - 20 Gold
Third - 10 Gold