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    Question Buy House, when you already own one.

    So, what is the current state? Can you buy another house when you already own one? Yes, same character, or even another character on the same server. Already have Kinship house and Deluxe house, can I get another Deluxe or Small? The option to buy a new one is there, any bugs where you auto lose your current house? Used to be a bug where if you pressed Delete on the character screen your character was gone with no confirmation.

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    You can only have one Basic or Deluxe house and one Kinship house (if you're a Kinship Leader) per account on each server.

    I'm not totally sure what happens if you try to buy another as I've not tried it, but I suspect you would just get a message that you already own a house and that would be that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -LoNgHiLL- View Post
    Already have Kinship house and Deluxe house, can I get another Deluxe or Small?
    No. They've had enough problems with housing scarcity with the current limits - I don't expect them to ever allow more per account unless they add something like virtual apartments (shared doorways within existing cities) to the game.




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