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I can confirm it is NOT on the computer side.
It has to be - the server doesn't tell the client whether or not to render the texture for columns in Moria (which is one of the missing textures I was seeing). That sort of data is stored in the game assets on your computer's hard drive, and the client loads and renders them independently. (Or is supposed to, anyway).

It's certainly possible that the server is telling it to render dynamic objects at a shorter distance (reduced awareness), and that the client is screwing up when in that mode. That's what a lot of people are saying is happening, and it may be. I'm a bit confused as to why that wasn't the case for me, though. My missing textures were happening at off hours without any reduced awareness at all. And once I got the latest driver and it went away, I still wasn't in "reduced awareness" (although I did try playing during peak hours to try and trigger it).