Man i just don't get why you do not learn from your mistakes, it really boggles my mind it takes you forever to release a patch to fix xxx and you then break xxxx then it takes you forever to fix xxxx and the cycle continues

With the latest patch you claim you fixed lag with Warsteads, this may be so but my Game was just working fine now your broke my game i have never had i one Single problem with graphics, now i get mountains that dissaper in less im right on top of them, stairs in moria or bridges that are not there. causing me to have to keep restarting my client i cant move around Moria the cause i cant see the floor, Bridges, Mountains, walkways, It also happens not just in Moria its everywhere.

Before this last patch i had ZERO problems!!!! I have updated drivers, i have rollback drivers. I have Very expensive water cooled system so don't even say its on my end go back to the beginning of this sentence.

For crist sake WILL YOU At least address this problem. will you At least communicate with us about this problem.