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As long as I can still self-heal at the same level I'll be satisfied.

There always was too many Gambits that never got used so a streamline is necessary to bring it in line with other classes imo.
depending on the situation, i will use EVERY SINGLE GAMBIT. so saying that some gambits never get used is a pile of bull butter.

i'm sorry, but what made Assailment so great (and hard to play) was the minimum range limit. they are making all the classes ezmode, and also what i call MPLU (more-powerful, less useful) and it ticks me off. and the fact that we can change traits ANYTIME we want as long as we are combat also ticks me off.
and making determination and recklessness one trait is another thing that i think is wrong, what's the point of even having stances if they change with how you trait! and not only that, how do you tell if a warden even has any threat? YOU CAN'T you won't be able to inspect their traits from what i understand, and not only that, but it's the same stance, making it so that they could be traited DPS and be in "tank" stance and still not do anything. all in all i think the changes are horrible.