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    some questions from a newbie minstrel and lotro player

    Hi all,

    I been a long time wow player and this is my first time playing LOTRO. picked minstrel as its a refreshing change and i do always love a bard. So far, loving every minute of it that i have bought turbine points and invested in some riding/mount and ah postings to get started.

    Anyhow, maybe its my wow mentality still at play here, but can any of you direct me to some good minstrel guides like stats priority etc? I tried googling, but did not find an answer.

    And what would you suggest is a good vocation for minstrel? I picked cooking, jewellery and mining. Again, wow mentality, jc always makes me good $$. lol

    other than that, i think i am pretty good with the singing etc... but the above are my newbie questions for now.

    thanks in advance.

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    Will - Critical Rating - Tactical Mastery - Vitality - Critical Defence - Fate, I guess.
    Feailuve - Akabath

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    This guide is reasonably up to date: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...se-of-Isengard

    On the first read through, it may be helpful to skip over Part I: Traits, and begin with Part II: Skills.

    IDK why it's not stickied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shellfish View Post
    And what would you suggest is a good vocation for minstrel? I picked cooking, jewellery and mining. Again, wow mentality, jc always makes me good $$. lol
    I wouldn't say there's a bad vocation choice for any class, just degrees of usefulness.

    The Jewellery that a Jeweler makes tends to be hit and miss, but they also make Hope tokens.
    Weaponsmith and Woodcraft both make weapons for the Minstrel to use. Further, Woodcraft makes Instruments where the majority of your Damage is going to come from.
    Tailor makes Light Armor, which is what a Minstrel wears.
    Metalsmith make your Shields and crafting tools.
    Scholar makes Potions, Mastery/Mitigation scrolls and your class item.
    Cook makes consumables to help stats and aid in regeneration.

    Keep in mind, if/when you get to the level cap, you might want to be able to craft your own Legendary Item, rather than relying on another player.
    Either Weaponsmith and Woodcraft make your LI weapons, and Scholars make your Book.

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    thank you all. i appreciate the tips and it is indeed very helpful and useful.

    luckily i am only level 18 and still at the early stages of profs. I just actually reach journeyman on prospecting and jc so its not too late to change.

    I shall go read guide now. thank you all so much again.

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    http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Minstrel is one of the greatest and helpful sites i know.
    Just to start with your first questions, about what stats to look for
    i use will, fate, vitality on my minstrel.
    For a beginning minstrel i suggest you go for vitality, will, fate, cause you need vitality cause you dont have many healing options available. will you need for mastery rating (crit rating, evade rating to etc) fate you use to regain power and morale more quickly while in combat and out of combat.
    At later levels you should go for will, fate, vitality, because you dont need much vitality ( i know it helps to safe big encounters (im a healing mini, so i m doing it this way XD)and you can heal up everything you lost) will and fate, just the same only at later levels you will use much more power for your abilties, so you ll need or your anthem up at all times or your fate a bit higher.

    Just see what works best for you Xd; ive been told that to when i asked wich stats to look for. XD

    As a proffesion i choosed for explorer (tailor, forester, prospector) wy? because i can make my own gear.

    if any more questions just ask them XD

    yours sincerely

    Vannoppie (watcher of resolve minstrel /server Gladden / Kinship Guardians Of Middangeard)

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    Post above me sums it up. Your stat needs will vary as you go through the game. Vit is hard to get on quest gear early on so you may need to work on this one.

    At 80 I started restacking will after building up vit. At cap I went from concentrating on will/and fate/vit to will/raw morale/crits. Crit is very important for heals and dps and for me is hardest to get up high enough for my taste. But my gear is average (no golds). It depends on what you are doing and what other stats you have maxed.

    Post 5 in this thread is best advice you could get IMO.


    I'd add-do your class skill deeds as often as you can while levelling. The improved versions and legandary skills of all kinds are generally worth having. You can use training dummies for some of these (it will say deed can be incremented in deed log).

    Oh, and inspect lots of minstrels to see what they are wearing and the related stats-this will give you an idea of options at different levels. We used to be able to link our builds in the old forums and there was a stat checker site but mylotro is no more.
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