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    Dwarven New Year & Durin's Day (RP events -Dwarves only) 5th, 7th October

    -- Dwarves remember their history in this season, as they contemplate the passing of the year. --
    -- then after a day of fasting and contemplation, --
    -- they celebrate the awakening of the first of the Seven Fathers, Durin the Deathless... with joy! --

    October 5th, 2013 and October 7th, 2013

    3pm server / 8pm U.K. time / 9pm CET - on both the 5th & the 7th of October

    Meet outside the Thorin's Gate Homesteads for a welcome, and further directions.


    October 5th (3pm server / 8pm UK time): we will gather outside the Thorin's Gate Homesteads to walk to an assembly marking the beginning of the New Year. We will remember the fallen and reflect on our lives over the past year with humility, as we read the story of Mahal the Maker and the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves. A solemn concert will be concluded with the blowing of the horn, a call to fasting and prayer.

    Mukhuh turgizu turug usgin! (May your beard grow ever longer!)

    October 6th: We will fast in contemplation, alone or together, privately: in praise of Mahal and in rememberance of the less fortunate.

    October 7th (3pm server / 8pm UK time): we will gather once more outside the Thorin's Gate Homesteads to walk to a celebration of Durin's Day. We will recount the awakening of Durin the Deathless, and greet each other with joy and feasting, and with merry music.

    Mukhuh umkhûh zu darûn ghelekh! (May you find good luck!)


    The final destination for these gatherings will only be announced on the day.

    Dwarves only. Any hobbits, men, or elves will not be admitted.

    Please respect this. Us dwarf-RPers like to use our Neo-Khuzdul every so often in our play: we can't do this if there are non-dwarves around. Thanks.

    There will be a concert at both events, put on by the Rolling Kegs, a dwarf band from the kinships: Durin's Folk & Khuzd Belkul.
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