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    Gravenwood quest issues - again

    I'm stuck at 11 of 20 quests in Gravenwood. I did the Tracking an Old Goat line with Andreg and finished it. The next quest line involves digging up the Cuthraul at the Tree of Tribute. I killed the Cuthraul and returned to Saeradan to turn in the quest Seeking a Solution. The Cuthraul was suppose to drop a quest item, Token of the Goat to start the quest Evil in the Wood. which is not in my inventory and I don't have the quest in my log. Now the 4 rangers scattered around Gravewood, Andreg, Elfrith, Thurbald and Cuthric will not give their quests.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    i just did the quests couple hours ago and didn't have any problems with it.
    according to lotro-wiki Nulchulth should drop the token, but ofc this will not solve your problem.

    maybe send a bugreport and hopefully a gm or so can help ya.

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    Out of curiosity, did you happen to sell items to a vendor? If so, it's possible that you sold off the quest item, before using it to start the quest.

    Either way, the best I can suggest is to hang out by the tree, wait for someone else to get to that part of the quest and tag the Cuthraul as they fight it.
    You should be able to get the item to drop that way.

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    Did you happen to fight Drugrir somewhere in South Gravenwood ?

    If I remember right you need 3 items to advance the quest.

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    Put in a ticket and a bug report. GM responded with the normal, We can't help you, ask the players response. Nothing on the bug report yet.
    I did get lucky and someone else was on the quest to kill the Cuthraul, but I got nothing after tagging it. I did kill Drugrir and got his quest item before this problem came up.
    Selling it might be possible. Maybe they can replace it. Always thought quest items could not me sold. I have a couple others in my inv.

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    Quest items won't appear on the vendor screen, and thus aren't sellable, after you take the quest.
    However, before you agree to take the quest, they're sellable and if you do a "Sell all" without looking to see what's being sold, you can inadvertently sell it off.

    This is my biggest complaint of the new alerts panel. The alert of getting a quest item isn't immediately visible.
    Though, it could be easily remedied if they add an "always accept" feature for quest items like they do for automatic quests.

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    This quest Chain really is horrible.

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    Annoying, maybe. There are five or six? quests
    in the region, and you have to wander all through
    the woods before they auto-grant. The area is not
    all that large; if you just doggedly walk back and
    forth through it, you'll get them all.
    Eruanne - Shards of Narsil-1 - Elendilmir -> Arkenstone

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    Quote Originally Posted by djheydt View Post
    before they auto-grant.
    But, they don't auto grant.

    You have to standing in the right place in order for Andreg to offer you the quest, then you have to talk to him to accept it.

    Fortunately, Andreg doesn't have a kniption each time you try to talk to him by running away just out of talking range, like the Huron in Entwood.



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