Some of us got together and zerged Archet to level 10 so we could make greenie creeps on Brandy. It was a ton of fun blowing up the whole Archet/Chetwood areas with 10 people.

Anyways, we're giving Brandy a shot for a change of pace. So far the actual gameplay is pretty dumb.....its just a numbers game. Nobody strategy...if something autoflips 3 creep raids converge on the keep and spank it back into submission. But it ABSOLUTELY RAINS infamy! Gotten up to like Rank 5-6 in a night. haha

So am extending the invitation. I Know someone people refuse to play both sides here because of people getting butthurt. So Make a greenie creep over on Brandy and give (Jimiheals) a /tell. I is really uncreative. It's still been great fun. Almost no audacity, almost no skills, no maps. questing again! Trying to find the duo or trio of wadens and RKs to gank and then get rolled in return. But we don't know anybody on Brandy freep so we don't care about dying. It's great!

So anybody interested just send Jimiheals a tell on Brandy, or talk to Lenadir or Elda, or Maggot.
The whole jist of the server is to have 120 people running around. But that's the thing...they are all not together. So the "atrocious lag" concern is hardly there. The action is ALL over map. burg squads. high rank fail minstrels. GV camps and all outposts red, but freeps not logging off because they are still getting a bunch of kills. It's the most excitement I've had in awhile trying to gank people with a half dozen rank 2's and 3's.
Oh yah! Also the heal tags! Oh man. Raining infamy from heal tagging 2 and a half different creep raids running around. You never fight the same freep group twice in a row!

So if interested in creep, don't want to hurt your Silverload freep franternity, or have always wanted to try a greenie reaver with no dps and no audacity.
Come on over to Brandy and give someone a /tell saying you're from Silverlode and we'll invite you to our greenie raid!

Oh yah, also we're bored.