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    Legendary Traits

    Ok I understand new trait trees are soon but please ignore that when considering this.
    Am a new lm and looking at the legendary I want to equip them all! On my hunter, burg, rk, and warden it was easy to pick but lm what should I go for?
    I will be doing small fellowships, or trying to solo instances and last solo in pvmp.
    What should I build for in each scenario?
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    Should drop the ''There are a thousand ways to play ur LM'' line and just tell u my opinion.

    Since u r not gonna be doin raids u can forget the yellow capstone


    1)DPS: S&S, Ents, ISG.
    2)Heals: S&S, Eagle, Noble Savage.
    3)Hybrid: I go as DPS traited and just use the skills i have available with heal armor.

    solo: well that depends on what instance u r doing. Its hard to pull out ents when u r soloing stuff cause of long induction and interruptions, so i usually go for S&S ISG Eagle(if i need interrupts). If i wanna solo something that i can't tank i will go S&S, Noble Savage, and maybe blue capstone for in cmbt summon, or ents for some extra DMG, and leave bear do her job.

    PvP: S&S and the other 2 will be asked from u from raid leader(cant see u traiting blue capstone though). If u r solo u might need ur eagle for flanks and interrupts, and Ents to make creeps panic^^

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    Thanks, that is exactly what I was after any other opinions? Just need something as a starter, will find my own set up ofc but advice always helps.
    Been playing since game release but never dabbled with the LM. I'm slightly in love with it now It's like my burg and hunter combined with pets, it's epic!
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    DPS - S&S, Ents, Imp. Sticky Gourd.
    Support/heal - S&S, Ents, Force of Will.
    Because base damage of pets is broken, Noble Savage just isn`t worth it, same for Bog Lurker. Eagle... Well, it has a couple useful skills, but usually Ents are just better.
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