I am having trouble with the installation process, it was going good and then I left the terminal, when I returned my laptop was asleep and pando had to relaunch, it wouldn't detect my internet connection anymore. So I gave it a restart and it resumed the download just where it left off. Keeping in mind that all that is needed to be done is restart the computer, I went to bed thinking that I'll just continue the download process from where it left off by restarting my laptop. So I restart my laptop and try to re-launch the download, this time around unlike the first time I restarted, the pando download will not launch at all, instead I get this message;

"No internet connectivity detected. Please reconnect and try again" My internet is working fine.

Nothing will launch past this message, so I deleted the pando thinking that I could just re-install it and that somehow the download will resume. But it will not, my question is this, although I deleted pando and its folder, what do I need to do to resume my download, if not, how do I restart downloading LOTRO? I played the game sometime back in 2011 and wish to give it another try as it is a very good game. Will I need to reformat my whole entire laptop now in order to re-download LOTRO? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.