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    Am I playing my warden right?


    I have a warden alt that just turned lvl 40. I finally hit 85 with my main, so I am starting the warden more often now. Previously I felt I could never learn the class since I didn't play it often enough and forgot all the gambits every time.

    Anyway, right now I level mostly solo by questing. I find that using determination stance is best for me. Is that usually the case? On trash I rely mostly on 1212, but on tough fights I like to stack 3 different healing gambits then do 2121 and 1212. I also use shortcuts as much as I can, but those are a pain to memorize. If I have multiple enemies, I put healing gambits on them then switch targets to maximize HoT's. I haven't found a good AoE gambit at my level.

    Is that how it's done? Am I missing anything?

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    The shield spear self heals don't have to be applied to each mob. Once you perform the gambit you gain x morale every 3 seconds until the duration wears off. You can stack your heals like 21, 212, 2121 to have a tier 1, 2, and 3 self heal at the same time but don't have to reapply until one wears off. If you want to heal based on the number of mobs use resolution 3123, it is the most effective with more mobs on you. (tbh i don't remember if it's known by lvl 40 or not). If you want to lvl in determination, that's fine, it will just take longer. I used recklessness almost exclusively stacking bleeds like 123, 1231, 12312 but the mobs are usually dead by the time I got to Unerring Strike. If I got overwhelmed by a pull or found myself about 50% or less in morale I switched to Determination to use my self heals back to 100% and switch back to Recklessness.
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    You get resolution at 72.



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