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    Talking Metalsmith: Finding Expert Crafting Tool Recipes

    I need to make steel Crafting Tools for a quest to gain rep with the Eglain. I've tried expert profession vendors and suppliers but can't seem to find the recipes. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hi, Tman_NZ, welcome to the forums.

    Those recipes are only available as a random drop from mobs I'm afraid.

    You can try searching the Auction House for them or asking in chat if anyone has them.

    Other than that it's just a case of kill, kill, kill until you get lucky.
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    There are also a bunch of repeatable quests at Ost Haer in the Lone-Lands that reward Expert Tool Scroll Cases.
    Each quest can be completed only three times for a total of nice scroll cases, and a total of 4500 Eglain rep.

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    Alright thanks guys, looks like repeatable quest time in the lone-lands!



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