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    Question Getting Ingredients You Can't Buy/Farm?

    I am trying to make a recipe for a quest, and don't seem to have access to two ingredients that I cannot seem to buy (in Gondamon). Also, I am a "Tinker", and have no access to farming. I need yellow onions and barley flour/stalks - where can I get these two ingredients?

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    If your trying to work on cooking on your tinker your gonna need to either make friends with a farmer, buy some in auction house or ask in trade channel.
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    Make a yeoman alt & it will be able to farm the crops it needs for cooking. Alternately make a historian alt, also can farm & do potions. Otherwise i hope you have plenty golds to buy the ingredients on AH.

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    Alternatively, just don't do the quest.
    There are several crafting based quests for newbies, and if your vocation has 2 crafts that create (rather than gather) you won't be able to complete one of them without assistance.

    Besides, imo, it's not worth gaining craft exp in the secondary creating craft of a vocation (ie. the cook in your Tinkerer). The point in crafting is to join a Guild, and you can only join one Guild per character. You should be looking to join the Jeweller's Guild, since Tinkerer is the only vocation with Jeweller. And, if you wanted to join the Cooks guild, create a Yeoman alt specifically for that purpose.



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