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Thread: Laaaaaaaaag

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    Angry Laaaaaaaaag

    There is tooooo much lag Turbine!!!!! This has been going on for a very very very long time now. Every couple of days things seem to get worse. I do not know if turbine truly cares for its players but seems that it doesn't really because this lag has been going on for too long and just keeps getting worse. Turbine please fix this lag immediately instead of coming out with a whole new expansion which will most likely just add much more to this ongoing issue. Thank you.

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    I agree. Helm's Deep will be nearly unplayable if this lag continues. They best fix it before launch day.

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    ^agree. Rohan is nearly unplayable for me, if it's worse with HD I don't think I'll be able to even be in it. :/

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    the reduced awareness is a big let down on the graphical side atm... pls fix it..
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    I was experiencing lag in Rohan until I disabled the Frills. You might try playing around with various settings on your computer to increase performance a bit.

    You could enable the connection monitor in the game settings to see if there are any latency issues.

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    Scumbag customers: Report lag, having graphical lag.
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    W..........ha................. .....t l............................. a............................. ............g

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    If you look at the history Turbine has, it is very apparently that their priorities are new products to market within LOTRO. Bug-fixes only come swiftly if it involves the Store or something they just cannot place on the back-burner at all. The game is a half-working engine glossed over time and time again with a shiny paint job to attract customers. Yes, Turbine needs to stop development and focus on upgrading the game. The BASE PC out there absolutely has gone up since 2007, so lifting the game to at least 2010-2011 standards is not a huge burden on the player base.

    They seem to be focused on luring in new people for a short time than to retain players for a longer time.

    Part of the success of some other major MMO titles (WoW specifically) is ... the game engine has ALWAYS been consistently evolving. Physics, animations, etc.

    If Turbine would spend half the time fixing the engine and other problems as they do on the Store and making wallpapers, the game would be running far better.
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    Luckily I haven't been experiencing major lag for the past 4 days. So I guess the lag gets big one day than everything runs smoothly another day. Since its not our computers. Than its something on Turbines part. When will they update these things and get them fix? Nobody knows.



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