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    Why can't alts use the house?

    If I buy a house on one character and it won't let me buy a house with another character on the same server, why is it that my alts can't use that house as if it were their own? I mean by using the "return to house" option.

    The way I see it, if only one of your characters on a server can buy a house, it should be account bound which means all your characters own it. Either that or, all your characters should be able to buy their own houses. Okay, the latter may not be practical because of server space but my point is that limiting us to one house per server means that the other 4 characters can never have a house.

    It would be simple to do, any character can buy the house or pay the upkeep because the house is effectively owned by all characters on that account. That means, if you stop playing a particular character for any reason, but don't delete it, you don't have to abandon the house just to let another character buy one because it's already there. You also don't have to log on to that character to pay the upkeep because your current character can. It's not like Turbine are losing any TP sales, the furnishings etc have all been bought by the first character and since the second character can't buy a house, that character won't be buying furniture etc anyway.

    I really don't see the point in having the house available only to one character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryst49 View Post
    Wwhy is it that my alts can't use that house as if it were their own? I mean by using the "return to house" option.
    All alts can use the house and have the "Travel to Personal House" skill located under "Travel Skills." You might have overlooked it if you searched for a "return" skill.

    Also, all characters may pay the upkeep (actually, anyone on the server may pay the upkeep if you give them permission).

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    Depends on which game I'm in :)
    All characters on the account have the same privileges as the character that bought the house. They can do everything the character that bought the house can except for one thing: abandon it. Only the character that bought the house can abandon it, and if they are deleted the house is released to be resold. Not even sure you can add their name to the permissions list to restrict them. But every character gets the same discounts, rights, privileges, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    The reason to those changes is so more people can have access to housing system beeing more houses available. Also, now you don't need more house to get more spaces, you can have 1 house & update the chests to get more slots.
    The prices for housing storage expansions are rather in line with vault and shared storage space. None the less they are rather expensive.

    People create additional F2P accounts to get mule (storage characters) and house chests in order to avoid the Turbine Point - Mithril Coin - dollar cost for storage expansions. Or the need for more space than you can get.

    The expandable housing chest will reduce the need for more houses for some players. There will still be people that will expand storage via more vaults, more characters, more accounts and more houses.
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