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    Gratz Morabrakh on Rank 13!!!

    Gratz bro on Rank 13!!! Your heals are legendary and your bubbles are timely!! A great player all together!! BTW you better not be taking a break On wards to Rank 14!!!
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    Healers are overrated

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    Congratulation! R13+ warleaders are so rare on any servers! To rank 14!

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    Grats Mora!

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    Gratz Mora..Keep them bubbles slinging my way

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    Congratulations to one of the best Warleaders out there~! Hard fought and well earned =) I'm looking forward to many more bubbles on the way to Rank 14.

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    Congrats! Keep on throwing those bubbles with perfect timing!
    "Heroes get remembered but Legends never die."

    SnH Landroval

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    Gratz Mora!!

    You are always there with a quick heal.
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    Congrats to my personal and favorite warleader!!! You keep me bubbled and healed every single time we are in a group/raid together. It has been great getting to know you and playing with you is always a blast! Onwards to rank 14 (you better not get it before me :P)


    Atoktal rank 15 warg Landroval
    Atheynna rank 11 RK Brandywine
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    Thanks guys, love to sacrifice myself to save people

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    Grats Mor, you can always tell when you're fighting a group with you in it, definately one of the better warleaders out there.
    Hinras, Cappy, rank 9 - Highguard of Numenor

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    Congrats Mora!

    It's always have a blast grouping with you. Well-earned r13 and here's to a speedy run to 14!


    WholesomeBurrito - Defiler. Killamanjaro - Warleader. Hagges - 85 RK (retired)
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    Congrats!! Good luck on the way to 14!
    [B][I]Nymwe, R11 RK [/I][/B]

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    Well Done

    Congratulations Mora, it has been a blast running with you so much lately. You certainly are the man and the best tribemate someone could ask for. Thanks for all the bubbles and patience.


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    Congrats Mora!!! Always a blast run with you. Onwards to 14!!

    Krysnakh Blackarrow Rank 15~~~Kryslime Reaver Rank 9~~~Krysnarl Warg Rank 7~~~Krysdaks Hunter Rank 6

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    Congrats Mora!
    /// Inquisidor Blackarrow R15 /// Klausheimer Reaver R15 /// Kyklop Warleader R12 /// Chirurg Defiler R12 /// Specnaz Spider R11 ///

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    Judging from the thread, if there's one thing you're known for throughout your entire journey to Rank 13, it is for hitting that one button called Field Promotion.

    Congratulations Morabrakh!

    Hope to one day eventually see you out there in a small group.
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