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    Deltron's Stance on 1v1ing

    I never thought that the day would come when I agree with Valistar, but that day has come, even though his stance on the 1v1s was about 4 years too early.

    The 1v1s are no longer a way of trying to make oneself better at their particular character for about 90% of who currently 1v1, its a source of farming the extremely inflated infamy and comms that comes from it. Case in point being those who only want to fight people they KNOW they can win against.

    One fine example of this was today I came to GTA on my warleader and fought a certain champion and proceeded to get absolutely destroyed. Knowing this players reputation as being one who likes to indulge in the frequent EZ mode, I decided to do a test and switched to my reaver to see if he would fight me on that. Sure enough, I jump in front of him for about 20 seconds and get no response. So I start attacking him anyhow and as soon as I start attacking him, a certain runekeeper and burg decide to uphold the "honor" and unwritten "rules" of the 1v1s and both attack me and all three of them kill me.

    This has happened several times when I have been to the 1v1s on different creeps, none of which are highly ranked or pose much of a challenge to any freeps there. And several different freeps are quite content to 1v1 the rank 7 BA or warg, but want nothing to do with the rank 12 reaver. And before people point out how easy mode a rank 12 reaver is 1v1, I completely agree with that and which is why I when I would come 1v1 on creepside, I would try to do so on other classes. I just find it rather sad that so many people wont fight when they dont have certain or at least a pretty good chance of winning.

    My other issue that, to me, further proves how many people are just there for fast points are the situations when fighting rolls through and people at the 1v1s who are on the side that is losing the skirmish will sit there in their "sanctuary" that is the 1v1s at GTA and not do anything. And then those same people are more than happy to jump in a tag for points when their side is winning the skirmish.

    Far too many people use the 1v1s at GTA for fast and easy points. The spirit of the 1v1s of old is long dead and anyone who says otherwise clearly never knew what it was in the first place.
    Deltron and TheGodKing

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    In a few days, I will further confirm Del's beliefs, by bringing my warden out to the moors and only 1v1ing low rank defilers and WLs.
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    Yeah totally agree. I'm just gonna start zergging them non stop when I'm on.

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    I don't mind them late at night when there are just 2 or 3 on each side. I agree, they're dumb to do during the day, when there are 11 freeps and 3 creeps and those that are on will only 1v1 those they know they can beat. I'll 1v1 anyone when I'm at them, but don't bother trying low ranks unless its a spider or warden. If it's a low rank with store skills, I won't use CC and never show up with buffs. The high ranked players who do show up with buffs and such, I just smile at.

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    This is more a problem with the community than the game itself but I totally agree.

    I sat at GTA on my guard for a solid 45 minutes the other day. There were a decent number of people there but the only person who would fight me was Slashed. But as soon as some noob that is low ranked/under geared rocks up, there is a massive line up to fight them. I'm not even that high ranked. Rank 9 is pretty common these days.

    People have turned GTA into a bit of a joke, apart for the aforementioned session I don't spend much time there anymore. Its mostly noobs looking for easy kills and jerks that zerg people who are low

    Like Vic said, late night 1v1s are cool. When there's only like 4 people on. But in the more active hours, the best way to get good action is to just roam around the map imo
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    Just want to say thanks to the creeps who assisted in putting a stop to the farm fest at GTA. Way to go team.

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    I agree that this "1v1ing" that goes on during the day is completely pointless. I went past gta a few days ago and saw a fully geared champ 1v1ing, that is what he called it, a rank 2 warg. The warg was taking off two thousand health each time, if that, and kept coming back. I called this champion out and he proceeded to say that he was 1v1ing and that he was earning the renown. I am all for 1v1s, been doing them for years, but this is not 1v1ing. If I go to gta, I fight people that have a chance of beating me, that is high ranked reavers and spiders. If I know that they don't have a chance, I don't fight them as its just like camping grams/rezs for greenies. That being said, people find this to be fun and they won't stop doing it because a kill is a kill. Sadly Delt, this won't stop happening and I don't see a reason to talk more about these "1v1s" as people will do what they please. The only way is to zerg GTA, but that puts you on the same page as Morsum and Taldag, which is no bueno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinirefacias View Post
    Sadly Delt, this won't stop happening and I don't see a reason to talk more about these "1v1s" as people will do what they please. The only way is to zerg GTA, but that puts you on the same page as Morsum and Taldag, which is no bueno.
    Or just kill the people who aren't 1v1ing but are still sitting at GTA, like I do.
    RIP Milkmefondly 2014

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    I agree in general with this. I love 1v1ing, to me it's a way to make myself a better player, and to help others do the same. I make a point of fighting everyone present one time, if it's an easy win, I don't fight them again as there's no challenge. Generally I'm on late, so it's usually just the same few people as always. From what I hear though, during the day it's not real 1v1ing, it's just organized farming.

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    See, it took a guy that everyone likes to get the point across. It's amazing how what you say means nothing if ppl hate you, even if you say the exact same thing as another guy that is liked ^. Thank you, Del for pointing out the obvious. If I said this, everyone would be like "NO YOU'RE WRONG YOU DONT PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE SO ANYTHING YOU SAY IS WRONG ZOMG!" Sorry I'm just an informed pvp mind ppl like to hate lol.

    It's a shame, but I agree with Valistar now too. The thing is, you agree with Valistar's theory in general it seems. I didn't think it was something to agree with until now due to the mechanics of the moors, now he is actually right. Before he wasn't as 1v1s were actually a means of sport and challenge.



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