I never thought that the day would come when I agree with Valistar, but that day has come, even though his stance on the 1v1s was about 4 years too early.

The 1v1s are no longer a way of trying to make oneself better at their particular character for about 90% of who currently 1v1, its a source of farming the extremely inflated infamy and comms that comes from it. Case in point being those who only want to fight people they KNOW they can win against.

One fine example of this was today I came to GTA on my warleader and fought a certain champion and proceeded to get absolutely destroyed. Knowing this players reputation as being one who likes to indulge in the frequent EZ mode, I decided to do a test and switched to my reaver to see if he would fight me on that. Sure enough, I jump in front of him for about 20 seconds and get no response. So I start attacking him anyhow and as soon as I start attacking him, a certain runekeeper and burg decide to uphold the "honor" and unwritten "rules" of the 1v1s and both attack me and all three of them kill me.

This has happened several times when I have been to the 1v1s on different creeps, none of which are highly ranked or pose much of a challenge to any freeps there. And several different freeps are quite content to 1v1 the rank 7 BA or warg, but want nothing to do with the rank 12 reaver. And before people point out how easy mode a rank 12 reaver is 1v1, I completely agree with that and which is why I when I would come 1v1 on creepside, I would try to do so on other classes. I just find it rather sad that so many people wont fight when they dont have certain or at least a pretty good chance of winning.

My other issue that, to me, further proves how many people are just there for fast points are the situations when fighting rolls through and people at the 1v1s who are on the side that is losing the skirmish will sit there in their "sanctuary" that is the 1v1s at GTA and not do anything. And then those same people are more than happy to jump in a tag for points when their side is winning the skirmish.

Far too many people use the 1v1s at GTA for fast and easy points. The spirit of the 1v1s of old is long dead and anyone who says otherwise clearly never knew what it was in the first place.