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    Question Question about RP servers

    Hey, I'm starting fresh on a new server,
    I'm either going Brandywine for the Population, or Landroval for the RP aspect.
    Is there a good population on Landroval? (enough so it doesnt take an hour to get a 6 man fellowship)
    Also, how much does the RP aspect affect the gameplay? I've been looking for a game with that type of atmosphere for a while, for example, will there be hotspots for tradinig, meeting people, and different stuff like that? (LIke the prancing pony for example maybe...???) Any help for this decision???

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    Brandywine has a larger population, but Landroval's population is by no means dead. When it comes to grouping, it often depends on what hour of the day you're looking for a group. The best times tend to be in the evening NA hours. It would depend also on which instance you're trying to get a fellowship for, some instances fill quickly, others do not.

    RP only affects gameplay if you want it to. Some folks like to do trading IC (Jefferey in the Trade Bree-town channel being especially well known for this) and the RP hotspot is definitely Bree, especially in the Prancing Pony. How busy it is again depends on the time of day or just the day itself.

    I would roll on both servers to see which one you like best.

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