I popped in one day and found my character who I named "Getback", which is a play on my old characters I used to play with before they got
deleted, a play on getting back the memory of who I used to be from that time. In other words, my old self. and since I didn't know my name I called myself "Getback" as a nickname for my character within the game. The funny thing is, I don't who did it, but apparently whoever is running the game, just decided to change that up by not telling me, and changing my name, so I looked it up and what they say is a zero tolerance policy, what kinda #### is this? I can't decide to role play my character they gotta tell me how I should. I'm sorry but this actually pisses me off. You know, my character is an Elf, but he dresses like he's Huckleberry Finn, ya gonna decide that's not how I should play an elf character too?! How about you give my name back.