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    Getting "Server connection lost" on different occassions

    From the last maintenance update lotro keeps getting stuck on different loading screens. Usually when transitting locations. The loading screen pops-up but the loading doesn't start and after 2 minutes it gets me the black screen server connection lost. Usually when I then try to relog this character, or any char, which is at the same location (Shire for example), I get the same problem -loading stucks and black screen. When I try to log a char which is in another location (not-Shire), it works normally. After some time it fixes somehow, but sooner or later falls again in another loading screen. Few times the same happened without the loading screen, the character just froze and after 2 minutes gets kicked out with the same problem with relogging.
    This is occuring on a new machine with win7 max details and also on a older notebook with win Xp with min details (both connected via the same router). It doesnt apply when I move the notebook to my work, where everything seems allright. I talked with more people (from Czech republic and I also read about it at world-wide forums) and they are experiencing the same problem at different locations, different machines, different OS, and routers and internet providers.
    From the testing it seems lotro has some problems with some of the routers or net systems. Before the last update I never experienced problems like this, and nothing changed at my side so probably the problem is on Turbines side.
    Please look into it. It is really annoying and atm other games are winning my attention due to this problem...
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