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Thread: Dwarfs :(

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    Dwarfs :(

    Hey guys, I know I had put a new 2 the game thread up before but this is kinda different lol.

    I've already put 20hours into the game (Raptr user).Ive made each class with each race getting each 2 lvl 10-14. And just2 night I have decided what I want my main Race 2 be I was kind of upset that I cant be a Dwarf Captain since that was my fav class. And im very confused, And want to ask.

    Why cant dwarfs be captains? We can be Magical Rune people when there really isnt any account of a Dwarf wizard, Yet we cant be a captain who wields 2-handed axes (fits Dwarfs), Can call a herald (Fits Dwarfs, As Dwarfs are normally in partys), And of course is upclose melee (Fits Dwarfs). I was just really let down that only humans can be captain And its kinda silly 2 me.

    The next class that looks really interesting to me in the warden, I'm just not looking 2 go VIP or spend money untill I reach lvl 30. But I can understand why Dwarfs cant be wardens and am ready to make a human for that but Can someone please tell me why Dwarfs cant be captains!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HavenRain View Post
    Can someone please tell me why Dwarfs cant be captains!?
    Maybe because they are too small and too grumpy to be a leader?

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    But they are the same as loud!

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    I'm rereading LOTR right now

    And while I'm not a dev, I think I get why Captains are restricted to the race of Man.

    It's in the books that way. Boromir and Aragorn are both referred to in the text as Captains, but other leaders are not. The Captains of the West are very specifically leaders of men who fought in the final battle against Sauron.

    I'm sorry it's disappointed to have a mismatch between your preferred race and class, but both of those are really, really fun to play. As a raging altoholic, I suggest playing both.

    BTW, I really recommend reading or rereading the LOTR after you've had a chance to play for a while. I've read the book many times, but this time through, having leveled two characters in LOTRO and played many alts of all classes and races, it seems very much richer.

    When the hobbits are lost in the barrow downs, I see the tombs of great kins infested with wights and spiders.

    When the Company forms in Rivendell, I remember seeing them off in the epic quest, and knowing some of them will not come back, and none will come back unchanged was brought home even more forcefully.

    Meeting Glorfindel, or seeing Gollum's cave in the Misty Mountains, or meeting Horn, who seems so young and bright in the game, and bittersweetly in love as I know his fate as well.

    The game and the books are in a feedback loop in my head, and both are richer experiences for it.

    Well done, Turbine.
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    Essentially, dwarf leaders always commanded dwarves. They were never the leaders of any alliance of dwarves plus men and/or elves.

    In the First Age, most of the great captains were elves, leading armies of elves alone or elves plus men or occasionally elves plus men and dwarves. Toward the end there were man captains as well.

    In the Second Age, the man captains became more prominent and The Last Alliance of Men and Elves was pretty much jointly commanded by Gil-galad and Elendil.

    In the Third Age, the elves started leaving Middle Earth for the Undying Lands in serious numbers and the race of man was ascendant. The great elf leaders - Cirdan, Elrond, Galadriel, and Thranduil - stay in place and defend their own territory. Same with the dwarves in Erebor and The Iron Hills. Only the mannish leaders take the war to Mordor.

    That's the 30 second version of the lore reasons why there are no Dwarf (or Elf) Captains.
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    The others have given some "lore" reasons to restrict Captains to humans, but there was (probably) one other... back before the game launched, some of the fans were concerned that there would be "too many" of races which were of low population in Middle-earth. It may sound a bit silly now, but there was a lot of debate about this back then. Turbine didn't say so explicitly, but when they released information about the classes for launch, it seemed pretty clear that they were using race/class combos to help nudge more people into playing the race of Man (who were ascendant at the end of the 3rd Age). Only Men could be of any of the 7 classes at the time, including Captain. The other races could be one of just 4-5 different classes.

    As for magic + dwarves... there actually is a wee bit of basis for that in the books. In The Hobbit, it says that the dwarves stopped to bury some treasure they'd found, placing "spells" over their cache to keep it hidden. And in The Lord of the Rings it says that Bilbo ordered magical toys for his big birthday party, "of real dwarf make". Sure, people can (and have) made arguments to explain those away, but the references gave Turbine enough rationale to allow dwarves some magic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Khafar View Post
    Sure, people can (and have) made arguments to explain those away, but the references gave Turbine enough rationale to allow dwarves some magic.
    It's not a matter of explaining it away, it's recognising it for what it is. Dwarves making magical stuff? Sure, that's as traditional as anything. Dwarves using a bit of magic to keep their treasures hidden and secret? Sure. Dwarves flinging lightning around? Bit of a difference there, that's hardly just 'some' magic. Not really a rationale, more of an excuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radhruin_EU View Post
    Dwarves flinging lightning around? Bit of a difference there, that's hardly just 'some' magic. Not really a rationale, more of an excuse.
    Wizards might be able to summon up a light show seen for miles around, but it's ludicrous for other characters to do so. Of course, it's a game, so "in for a penny, in for a pound" isn't a great surprise . At least characters aren't summoning The Watcher to do battle for them, causing volcanoes to erupt, or other assorted absurdities like they could in Battle for Middle-earth 2...




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