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    Exclamation TMR is thinking about leaving????

    I'd Like to be the first to put the rumours to rest. I am thinking about transfering and alot of other TMR members are thinking the same way I am. Creepside on our server if no one has noticed, Is dying because of a tribe that thinks they dont need the high ranked creeps backing them. So they wish us to help them but never help us. If this is the case Id rather transfer to a server where I am needed. Leading on this server has been my passion for over 6 years if I am no longer needed on this server, I would rather find another place where I and my tribe members are actually needed.

    Thanks to all that gave me the fun fights of our server After HD if things are not changed on this server I and Maybe some of our tribe members Will be leaving the server. I do hope you all have alot of fun fights ahead. Good luck and have fun for my fun is dying on this server day after day.

    http://filesmelt.com/dl/ScreenShot00198.jpg <infamy was horrid 6 years ago, And burg squads would still make your butt pucker.


    P.S. I did not start this thread to flame anyone I was just pointing out the Drama that has been going on our side for the past month or so.
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    Nope, we did have warleaders but their class role has changed to cheerleader.
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