I got some ideas, i hope you all like some!

Armor and Weapons:

Armor and weapons for monsterplay. They have stats and they change the appearance. (The armor and weapons are visible on your current skin.) You can buy them for 500 Commendations per armor/weapon piece

Warg Riding:

A new Racial trait for Wargs. When you slot it, ONLY Reavers, Blackarrows and Warleaders are able to ride on your back. Your skills will be the same except the Warg*, however the Warg can't attack unless biting the enemy. The person on it's back can attack though.

* The warg is able to run. With these skills:

March - The standard "March" skill
Run - Grants a +50% Runspeed [Cooldown: 20 Seconds | Lasts: 30 Seconds]
Sprint - The standard sprint: Sets your speed to 200% [Cooldown: 5 minutes. Unless traited.]

More infamy/renown:

I got 2 ideas for this:

New infamy/renown quests:
There will be new, harder quests. (Depents on Rank) The War-Tyrant in Gramsfoot will be able to give a quest which is at your rank. As example:

"Defeat the Tree Rottenroot." Genre: Group/Raid quest

This quest grants you like... 200 Infamy.

On-rank infamy/renown increase:
When you hit Rank 6 You will be able to purchase a new trait. Which costs 7,500 Commendations.

The trait:

"Sauron feels proud about you, and gives you a promotion. +25 Infamy on any quest completion."

(Same as for the Free Peoples, but with another description.)

The infamy will increase each rank above rank 6. As example: When you hit Rank 7 it gives the same trait which grants +30 Infamy on any quest completion. (Only one of these traits may be slotted.)

Bigger/new map:

I know that the Ettenmoors might look like this, but is there any chance that the Ettenmoors map will be increased?

More Monsterplay Updates:

It would be awesome when Turbine takes more time for Monster Play updates.

New Monster Class:

Because the freeps have more classes, it would be cool if this new monster class could be added:

The Necromancer:

As in the movie "The Hobbit" there is a Necromancer. It makes the woods sick.

Race: Undead
Speciality: Call the undeath.
Standard Morale: 12,675
Standard Power: 6,537
Weapon: Staff

Necromancers starter skills:

- Raise the Dead - You are able to call a skeleton on your side. [Cooldown: 3 minutes | Power cost: 463 | Skeletons: 1 | Induction: 4 seconds]
- Reapers Gift - Gives a Health buff to yourself or ally. [Buff: +2,350 Morale | Power cost: 122 | Health cost: 500 | Cooldown: 1 minute | Induction: 1 second]
- Strike - You strike your staff on your enemy. [Damage: 300 - 433 | Cooldown: 0 seconds | Power cost: 52 | Induction: 0 seconds]
- Bleed from the Shadows - You make the enemy bleed by using a spell on the enemy [Bleed: 346 - 534 Every 3 seconds for 30 seconds | Power cost: 92 | Cooldown: 25 seconds]
- Dark Mists - You are able to become invisible. (Toggle Skill) [Cooldown: 10 Seconds | Power cost per 5 seconds: 52]

Skeleton Companion Skills:

- Rotten Flesh - Decreases the enemy's vitality. [Debuff: -263 Vitality | Lasts: 20 Seconds | Cooldown 40 seconds | Power cost: 324]
- Chop - The skeleton chops the enemies arm. [Debuff: 109 - 273 common damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. On expiration: Disarmed for 10 seconds]

Necromancers skills on rank:

- No Fear for Dead (Rank 6) You can't be incapacitated. [Lasts: 25 seconds | Cooldown: 1 minute 30 seconds | Induction: 0.5 seconds | Power cost: 35% of your power will be taken.]
- Reapers Strength (Rank 5) You or your ally gets a damage buff. - [Buff: +10% outgoing ranged, melee and tactical damage.]
- Destruction (rank 6) You charge and loose an dark fireball on your enemy. [Damage: 1,953 Cooldown: 1 minute (Can be traited to 30 Seconds) | Power cost: 126]

Portrait Frame Change:

On rank:

When you hit Rank 5 you'll get the Elite Portrait.
When you hit Rank 7 you'll get the Elite Master Portrait.
When you hit Rank 9 You'll get the Nemesis Portrait.
When you hit Rank 14 You'll get the Arch-Nemesis Portrait.

With Rating:

When you hit 1,500 your Portrait will change to Rare.
So when you hit 1,500 as a Rank 7 - 8er you'll get a Rare Elite Master Portrait.

It isn't just only a cool look, but also handy to know how much rating he has.

Also for freeps:

The same Ranks but with the freep portraits. No rare tough.

[The portrait IS NOT a custom portrait! It's a standard portrait.]

I guess this is all.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see good results/comments

Goodluck in the Ettenmoors!