If there was an influx of freeps, lets say an additional 6, how would the action cope?
These would be 6 high-ranked freeps, the lowest being perhaps r7 to the highest being r12, almost r13 and all of these freeps know their class. So i'm asking what would the action be like if all of these freeps transfered?

-Would it be freep dominated?
-Would people switch over to creeps to make fair fights?
-Would the action slowly start to die?

With those thoughts it mind, what is the action like currently, i'm well aware that Withywindle isnt the most lively server, but i'd like to get an idea of when things happen and what the action is like in the mornings, afternoon and the evening.

On the other side of the coin, what if a couple of high ranked reavers transfered, would it then be the exact opposite of what was described above?

I look forward to your answers, and hope that this will encourage the correct decision.

- Aruaka