Join me, Glorgnorbor, on an explorational march throughout Eriador on October 5th, 2013, at 2 PM /servertime! To join as an adventurer you can be between level 40 and 65! We'll see sights such as the Hollin Gate, Orthanc, The Ox Clan Camp, Nar's Peak, Red Horn Pass, etc. Once we arrive at Orthanc's doorstep, we'll shoot some fireworks, drink some ale, and eat some food(Just to annoy Saruman!).

Security Detail: Level 75-85, send Glorgnorbor a mail in-game. Your name will be added to the list.

Information about Primary and Secondary Locations: (Only active once we begin) /joinchannel Isenmarch!

Hope you can join us for this fleeting journey to Isengard... All in all, everyone level 40-85 is welcome to join on our explorative trip!

Thank you, Glorgnorbor.