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    The Moors Family

    Hey Moors! Another sleepless night at my house resulted in an idea that made me smile. One thing I like to do when I have time (other than lotro) is to write stories. I've come upon an idea to write story about a family named the Moors. It will have a cast of characters that are inspired by many of the Moors regulars. I'll be working on it in my free time when not on lotro so if you want to put in your 2 cents worth, drop me a line! Brainstorming ideas are always welcome.
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    I don't really get what it'll be about, other than that the family has the last name Moors? But obviously there should be a lot of camping and one of them should work at a call center....1-800-CALLAMELDO. But I mean that's a given.

    Will all the creeps be politicians?

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    I suggest making sure they go camping in a lot of numbers, and are clumsy. And have a lot of first-aid-kits.

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    haha Earth its a great idea! will it be like a magazine with all gosips, dramas and love stories? or maybe we need to produce some kind of a newspaper for this purpose
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    GREAT Ideas guys!

    I've received tons of idea from you guys today. How awesome. I knew you were all smart but now I"m finding you so creative, too!! I can't wait to put to paper and computer the ideas you all threw at me today. You guys holler if you think of more!
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    I have played LOTRO for I think 4 months during MoM, I have played for a couple of months during Mirkwood, and then a couple months before and after RoR. From what I think this idea is great to write a story about Ettenmoor players. Include all of the drama, happy, and funny moments and since this is LOTR/LOTRO related you should add some Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Wargs, Giant Spiders, and more to help move some events along when you are stuck on a chapter.



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