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Thread: Mini heals

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    Mini heals

    Ok guys im pretty sure this has been said to death but can anyone tell me rotations for healing on a mini including Anthems.. heals.. stances (Harmony) Please and thanks

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    On my mini there isn't really a specific rotation since you have to use different things at different times for different reasons. I would suggest just going for it and using your best instinct.

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    it depends.....

    on the instance, the group, and your build.

    Harmony minis generally trait 4 yellow and use anthems and codas for buffs to reduce the need for group heals. Less damage =less to heal. Using and keeping up 4 anthems does require a fairly steady rotation-but which anthems you choose is entirely dependant on the group (capped mits? incoming healing? more dps? threat an issue?) the damage (resistances? extra heal output?) and the instance. I usually tier up all 3 ballads. Some minstrels repeat major minor/perfect major if healing. YMMV.

    Melody (null stance) minstrels usually trait for the extra anthem duration as well as their preferred blue trats. The above choices apply here too but you will likely do more spot healing and single target healing while keeping up your healing anthem.

    I love soliloquy of spirit as a steady heal pulse and I use raise the spirit a lot and have it as legacy maxed when ever I can. Others say it's power hungry and inefficient, but the animation on BC-even instant BC- always seems too long for me. Oh, and chord of salvation-I'd get that on your LI too-it's a great 'oh heck' skill. But you'll get your own preferences.

    Thing is, if it's an inexpperienced pug with a new tank, the type of healing required and the threat generated will be very different from doing a raid on tier 2 with an experienced group.

    Lot's of good basic advice here.

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