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I play both side freep and creep and I'm fairly happy with the way it works, the moors has room for improvement but I enjoy both sides equally. ANYWAYS, I do not enjoy the players..which is why I mainly run around solo, on my main server the people are a bit immature. So I'm running around solo on my champ(glory), I don't have full aud and I'm only rank 6 and all of a sudden 3 wargs and a BA attack me, long story short the fight lasted about 10 minutes, and since they were all lower ranked (1-3) minus the BA who was r8 I got lucky and I beat them, I casually strolled back up into gv, went to the kitchen to award myself a cookie..and when I get back, what do I see in glff? "Wow *name* is great at popping Cd's" and I'm thinking, "WHAT? You just jumped me with a total of 4 creeps and I'm not allowed to bubble or heal?" I ended up just putting that person on ignore because I didn't want to deal with that drama, but my question to you people of the o'mighty forums..Is that even fair? I get attacked and I'm out numbered 4-1 and I'm not allowed to pop any cds? I've had multiple instances like this, and its upsetting because people generally agree with the other side. I've even been yelled at for using a bubble+dire need when I ran into a craid of 27 while searching for my fraid(back when I used to group.)
So, to sum this up, you get a hiding for in glff and decides that wasn't enough and go to the forums to get another?

Seriously, of course it's not your fault, Turbine is all alone on this, but don't expect to get much love for what you did. Heal champs are as disgusting to me (and a lot of other players, freeps and creeps alike.) as heal wardens and on pure principle gets called out. I don't even care if I can eat you on my own or not.
If I were them, would I bother to log a freep and give you a immature trashtalking? Of course not. If I were you, would I bother come to the forums after with this petty incident. Absolutely not.

Ignore them, walk on. Have a nice day.