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    2010 Account Missing.

    Hello Everyone!

    How are all of you doing? I apologize for I am sure I am in the wrong section, but I can't seem to locate the proper thread for my issue. Here is a brief run down of what has happened.
    Sometime in 2010 my cousin and myself found a LOTRO expansion pack in Wal-Mart and downloaded it and LOTRO. Made an Account with the username of CLAN-JARHEAD (recently enlisted in the USMC) and my account name was cntlavastine (lvl 67 or so). I played for a year or so up until I left for boot camp July 11, 2011. Now after a couple of years I have decided to get back into LOTRO and cannot find my characters. I have been all through the account support and what have you, and have done all I can to locate my characters but I can't. Turbine remembers my log in information and all from 2010, but not my characters or my turbine points and what not. I have spent a lot of time and money in the past on this game and would very much like to continue in case I go on another MEU so I have something to do. Can anyone help me out with this problem? Also, I made a new character yesterday and went to the same world but couldn't find that new character today. Why is my info not saving LOTRO? What can I do? If you have any idea as to why it would be very much appreciated.
    P.S Different computers were used from when I first started LOTRO and now Also I use to play as a Monster too (lvl 70 something).

    Brandon W.

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    Have you tried to log into your turbine account at http://myaccount.turbine.com yet? You would have created a Turbine account if you had played the game at all. That would be the place to start.
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    Yes several times but like I said they have my info, but I can't do anything with it, it just shows the expansion packs and my account and the date I played, only option available to do is change my nickname.

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    ... and once you are there, and you know that you need assistance, and you click on the HELP link at the top right, and you are directed to http://support.turbine.com...

    Have you submitted a support ticket on the issue? Have you described to them in detail the account issues you are experiencing? Have you gotten any kind of reply back from them that isn't automated?

    I had noticed you said that Turbine had your basic account information. What I didn't notice was any other information on how you pursued the issue further with Turbine and what they had said or done for you. Posting your account issue in the LOTRO forum isn't likely to get the issue fixed... it is more likely that people will reply like I have that you need to make Turbine aware of the issues, and work with them directly.
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    I have found Turbine folks very helpful

    when I had to have help getting account issues sorted out. I suggest contacting them directly.

    Welcome back.
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    I would recommend removing your account and usernames from your post. This is not infpormation that you should share with world+dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cntlavastine View Post
    I have been all through the account support and what have you, and have done all I can to locate my characters but I can't. Turbine remembers my log in information and all from 2010, but not my characters or my turbine points and what not.
    First, it looks like you are talking about two different accounts here. Is your cousin able to find his/her characters?

    Next, can you remember what server you were playing on in 2010? Your characters only exist on one server. Logging in to the game using your newly-downloaded game client and select that server in the Launcher. While you are there, does your account say "free to play" or "premium" on the left above where the list of characters ought to appear?

    There's a slim possibility that you purchased the EU version of the game. Does the word "Codemasters" mean anything to you? If you could tell us your old server name, that might also tell us if you were on an EU server in 2010. If you were, sadly, you missed the window for transferring your characters and they are indeed lost.

    If you've checked your old server, then it's definitely time to contact Customer Support. I can't tell if you have done that yet or not, but here's how: http://support.turbine.com/link/port...stomer-Support
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