My own opinion:

I quit just as RoR came out. Lots of reasons for that, one being the mounted combat I experienced in the RoR beta. I figured if this was the big draw of the xpac, I just wasn't interested.

Flash forward to last week, I hear a new xpac is coming out and totally changing the way traits work, actually making you choose in how you want to build your character, etc. I buy a few months of game time, grab RoR with TP I was lucky enough to still have, and start working through it. MC is WAY better than back in RoR beta (over a year later I would hope so), and in fact it's not too bad for me. Whereas in RoR beta I honestly could not stand using it for more than a few seconds at a time, now it's enjoyable. Turning is weird at first, but getting used to the "throttle and brake" type system was okay. I just look at it as a driving game, and those are fun. Gotta slow down a bit to make tight turns if I'm using it in towns. Out in the open field it's fun to do a lot of damage, and get around much quicker than other mounts.

Problems of course, mostly lag and the lack of meaningful skills to use. For the amount of the time I actually spend "forced" to MC (doing content clearly designed for it) those issues aren't really that bad.

If it becomes a larger part of the game I would probably change my tune, but I like how it is now. Parts of the RoR landscape, and a couple quests, that's about it. A skirmish wouldn't bother me in the least, I don't have to like everything to still find a way to enjoy the game. If there are a significant number of players out there who would really love a MC skirmish, I don't see a reason to deny them that. Could be fun, could be dumb, but I don't have a problem with 1 skirmish expanding MC a bit.